I could try to do these dishes

I could do these dishes
I could try
To do these dishes
Time to decide

I could bake a cake
My kitchen is small but I could clear the space
I could write my name
Cos practice makes perfect yes that's what they say
I could rearrange my room
and draw a bath
and wash my wolf suit
I could make a button out of plaster
That said finished
I could nail it in my closet
To the left side of the lightswitch
I could go out to a restaurant and try
drinking to forget it
and then come home less afraid and then
press it and press it

Or I could go to Australia
carry a bowie knife and
wear my hair like Hepburn
parted on the side

And learn card tricks and buy
Everyone drinks and take boxing and try
Eating things only with chopsticks
and write songs about my bowie knife

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